Activated Charcoal "Detox" Hard Wax Facial Stick

Activated Charcoal "Detox" Hard Wax Facial Stick

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Wax On the GO - 100% Natural Facial Sticks

Activated Charcoal: a detoxifying multipurpose hard wax formula that removes hair and unclogs pores.

Leaves skin feeling clean and hydrated immediately after waxing. Formulated to remove fine to coarse hairs as well as gently exfoliate skin and remove impurities. "The Barber's Choice".

Unmatched quality makes for a superior waxing experience than other waxes.
Strip Free, Chemical Free, Synthetic Free, Honey Free, and Sugar-Free.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed by Natural Way Products, Inc.

How to Use
Waxing on The Go. Perfect for waxing touch-ups while traveling.
1. Rotate tip over a candle flame to melt the wax.
2. Apply directly and pull.
3. Allows easy removal: Flip-up and pull the wax off.
4. Finish with cold water to close pores. Re-apply safely if necessary.

Simple, safe, and natural for all skin types.
100% Natural Ingredients: Beeswax, Resins, and Activated Charcoal.