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Student Kit | Original Formula Hard Wax Warmer Kit - Pre & Post Waxing

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Pre & Post Waxing Formula

Our Original Formula Since 1989. Artisan made with Only PREMIUM Beeswax and Resins makes for a formula that leaves skin feeling smooth immediately after waxing.

Unmatched quality makes for a superior waxing experience than other waxes.

Strip Free, Chemical Free, Synthetic Free, Honey Free, and Sugar-Free.

Kit included

  • 1 Professional Wax Warmer with REMOVABLE BASKET
  • 1 x Hard Wax Refill by Pound 16oz/453g 100% Natural. Pure Raw Beeswax and Resins.
  • Pre & Post Waxing Cleanser
  • Post Waxing Lotion
  • 15 Applicators/Spatulas (5-Eyebrow, 5-Facial and 5-Body).

How to Use

  1. Insert the REMOVABLE BASKET into the unit.
  2. Turn on the unit, adjust the temperature to HIGH.
  3. Insert pieces of wax into the REMOVABLE BASKET - Fill it up.
  4. After approx. 7-15 minutes when the wax starts melting, lower temperature to MEDIUM in order to keep some liquid and some solid wax.
  5. Make sure the skin is clean and dry. Eyebrow, upper lips, nostrils, full face, bikini, Brazilian, underarms, chest, legs, arms, full body.
  6. Using a spatula, scoop wax from where solid and liquid meet.
To create a warm peanut butter consistency (NOT HOT and NOT RUNNY-DRIPPING)
  1. Apply using slight pressure in the direction of hair growth finishing the application in an area where is no hair (easier to flip up).
  2. Flip-up the wax with one hand and pull the wax against hair growth in two or three pulling motions while holding skin tough with your other hand. Safe to re-apply if needed.
  3. Finish with cold water to close pores.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed by Natural Way Products, Inc.

Student Kit | Original Formula Hard Wax Warmer Kit - Pre & Post Waxing

$122.00 Regular price $145.00