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Thoughtfully Formulated Hard Waxes

Raw Beeswax

Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

Organic Orange Essential Oil

Activated Charcoal

The Original Face & Body Wax

Choose From 4 Natural Formulas
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Beautiful Earth, Beautiful You

We believe that Mother Nature knows best. That's why all of our products will always be made with 100% natural ingredients. As a family owned business based out of Glendale, California, we have set out to help others live a more natural life. We care deeply about how we interact with the ecosystem that surrounds us. 

The Original Face & Body Wax Since 1989

Caring for the environment is something that we have focused on since our very first product, the Original Formula Hard Wax. Since 1989, we insist on using ingredients of the highest quality and manufacturing all our products locally, which means we have complete control over making sure each product is unique. 

Our Philosophy Into Positive Actions

Skin-Loving Ingredients

• We are passionate about finding and combining naturally sourced and naturally derived ingredients to create personal care products that really work.

Responsibly Sourced

• We are proud to work with responsible, self sustained farms to source the highest quality premium ingredients for all of our products. 

Always Formulated Without Harmful Ingredients

• We are straightforward about the ingredients we use, allowing you to choose the product that is right for you. Our products are always made with 100% natural ingredients.

Eco-Friendly Beauty

• We care deeply about how we interact with the ecosystem that surrounds us. Our products are 100% natural with organic ingredients, reducing contamination to the Earth, the water and the air that we breathe.