Orange Oil "Exfoliate" Hard Wax Universal Cans
Orange Oil "Exfoliate" Hard Wax Universal Cans

Orange Oil "Exfoliate" Hard Wax Universal Cans

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Available in 6 oz and 14 oz.


• Organic Essential Tea Tree Oil - an exfoliating multipurpose hard wax formula that removes hair and dead skin.

A pleasant sensation that leaves skin feeling hydrated and tonified immediately after waxing.

• Unmatched quality makes for a superior waxing experience than other waxes. Strip Free, Chemical Free, Synthetic Free, Honey Free and Sugar Free.

• 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed by Natural Way Products, Inc.

How to Use:

Perfect for maintaining a consistent temperature. Fits most wax warmers!

• Insert into any Wax Warmer.

• Heat to a partially liquefied consistency.

• Use semi-melted wax for application. Scoop wax and and apply with pressure.

• Allows easy removal by hand: Flip up the tip by hand and pull wax off.

• Finish with cold water to close pores. Re-apply safely if necessary.

Simple, safe and natural for all skin types. 

100% Natural Ingredients: Beeswax, Resins and Orange Organic Essential Oil

Available in 2 sizes: 6oz, 14oz

Size Chart Recommended For:


Full Face, Eyebrow, Upper Lip, Bikini, Under Arms


Bikini, Brazilian, Full Face, Arms, Under Arms, Full Face
* Do not microwave Universal Cans




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